Papers and Articles Authored by Dr. Gautam

arrowThree Step Approach to conflict resolution
spacerA version of this article originally appeared in the
spacerDocToc: The Newsletter for Academy of Medicine Ottawa Members
spacerIssue 2, Spring 2010
arrowConference a success on many levels
spacerDoctors' Health Matters | Finding the Balance: A report from the
spacer2008 International Conference on Physician Health
spacerBMA House, London, UK; 17-19 November 2008
arrowMarriage to a doctor: Keep your priorities in check
spacerParkhurst Exchange; Volume 16, No 6, June 2008
arrowStrategies for dealing with stress
spacerDocToc: The Newsletter for Acedemy of Medicine Ottawa Members
spacerIssue 1, Winter 2007
arrowWould Your Friends Pass the Friendship Test?

spacerBottom Line Health; Volume 21, Number 2; February 2007
arrowThe depressing truth for lawyers
spacerAustralian Law Management Journal; Law Council of Australia;
spacerAutumn Issue 2007
arrowWhen stress is unbearable
spacerThe Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia;
spacerVolume 58, Number 263, November 2006
arrowErasing the stigma Attached to Ill Doctors
spacerRoyal College Outlook, Volume 3, Issue 2, Fall 2006
arrowLet's talk about doctors' health and reduce stigma
spacerGuest Editorial | March 2006. www.AustralianDoctor.com.au
arrowPath to Renewal: Prescription for Living a Life of Balance
spacerThe College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario
spacerPublication, July/August 2003
arrowMentorship – Talk, Tips, and Tools
spacerDialogue, the newsletter of the Ontario Psychiatric Association
spacerNovember 2002
arrowGrad Keynote
spacerGuest Speaker, 2002 Ceremony of Professional Engagement for
spacerMedical Graduates, Class of 2002, University of Ottawa, Ottawa
arrowHelping Physicians Cope with their own Chronic Illnesses
spacerWestern Journal of Medicine, 2001;175:336-338
arrowWomen in Medicine: Stresses and Solutions
spacerWestern Journal of Medicine, 2000; 174:37-41
arrowDepression and Anxiety
spacerThe Handbook of Physician Health. American Medical Association, 2000.
spacerChapter 6, pp 80-94.
arrowPolicy Forum — Before Burnout: How Physicians Can Defuse Stress
spacerAmerican Medical Association
arrowThe College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario
spacerPath to renewal — Prescription for living a life of balance
arrowDr. Gautam's Five Early Warning Signs of Serious Stress
spacerCMA Canadian Medical Association publication, The Impaired Physician