The Tarzan Rule  Tips for a Healthy Life in MedicineThe Tarzan Rule
Tips for a Healthy Life in Medicine

Dr. Gautam's brand new book —
An essential read for busy medical professionals.

Thrive in your medical practice! A medical career can be a
tough road to travel. The very trails that make for a great
physician can also make it a challenge to balance personal
contentment with professional satisfaction.

IRONDOCIron Doc — Second Edition
Practical Stress Management Tools
for Physicians
(Updated in 2011)

Physicians have a dream of being the perfect doctor,
saving lives, curing illness, stomping out disease. This dream
encompasses their private life too, as they strive to be the
perfect partner and parent. Physicians try to be all things to all
people. In so doing, their personal needs are last, and often lost.
This book will help you discover:
  • Why doctors become stressed, and why they can't stop
  • How to identify the early warning signs of stress in medicine
  • How to recognize burnout and know when it's happening to you
  • How to achieve a balanced personal and professional life
  • How to stay in medicine and enjoy it.
Jean Gray, MD writes in the Federation of Medical Women of Canada Newsletter: "Dr. Gautam writes a delightful, lucid, jargon-free handbook on the various stressors in the lives of physicians..." Read the entire review.