Victoria Branch Hosts Dr. Mamta Gautam and FMWC President


FMWC Member News

Volume 18: No. 2

The FMWC Victoria Branch enjoyed an evening in May with Dr. Mamta Gautam, who spoke on the ever challenging topic of "keeping the Balance: Practical issues and Strategies for women Physicians". About 40 women physicians and medical students met at the hilltop home of Dr. Mary-Lou Jackson, for a potluck dinner and sharing of stories. As Dr. Gautam said afterwards "I hated to interrupt everyone to give my talk - everyone was having such a great time just to have a chance to talk together themselves!"

FMWC National President, Dr. Cathy Younger-Lewis, was also in attendance, and talked to the group on the importance of a national office to the "voice" and power of a local group.

Many thanks to Dr. Jackson for organizing this event, and to MD Management for sponsoring Dr. Gautam's talk.