from past Momentum participants

Feedback on the Curriculum:
Very engaging sessions. I have received incredible pearls of knowledge to incorporate back into my next team meeting.”

“Appreciated concrete examples on how to use each skill.” 

“Gained innumerable specific nuggets of practical tips & pearls to advance our leadership careers.”

“I am waiting with bated breath for Momentum 2.0 – an extension of this week’s basics!”

Feedback on the facilitators:
“Our inspirational knowledgeable leaders were engaged, caring and very experienced.”

Very responsive to our questions /situations within and after formal programming.  Genuine feel / support for us to grow and succeed.”

Dynamic speakers, loads of examples, ideas, support — wow!”

“The speakers made this retreat FABULOUS! They were inspiring, connected, refreshing and so incredibly optimistic. Their knowledge base was wide, and they were never at a loss for a meaningful example to give us!”