Healthy Practices
A Podcast Series on Physician Health & Wellness

Hosted by internationally respected psychiatrist, Dr. Mamta Gautam,
the “Doctor’s doctor”.

Health Practices features honest, practical insights from several experts offering information and advice on how to lead a healthier life.  In the telling of their stories, you may hear your own.  Learn from their experiences and, as you listen, become more resilient and better able to thrive in the ever-changing world of medicine.

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Series 1: Mental health in Canada

This podcast series sets the stage and explores mental health from a national viewpoint. Dr. Mamta Gautam speaks to key informed national leaders outside of medicine and gets their perspective on physician health. (August 2008)

  1. Mr. André Picard speaks about A look at mental health in Canada
  2. Senator Michael Kirby speaks about Uprooting mental health stigma in medicine

Series 2: What makes a healthy physician?

Dr. Mamta Gautam talks to six physicians from six countries about physician wellness — seen through an international lens. This series was recorded in London, UK, during the November 2008 International Conference on Doctors’ Health. Tune in to hear rich discussions about how doctors can stay healthy, happy and productive. (November 2008)

  1. Dr. Michael Peters speaks about Treating the doctor patient
  2. Dr. Luis Sanchez speaks about Highly functioning and healthy doc:
    mission (im)possible?
  3. Dr. Karin Rø speaks about Seeking the burnout solution
  4. Dr. Pilar Lusilla speaks about Important Stuff first:
    the gateway to wellness
  5. Dr. Jane Lemaire speaks about Checks and Balances:
    New physician well-being research
  6. Dr. Patrick Alley speaks about The many layers of the healthy doc

Series 3: Building resilient medical communities

Recorded at the inaugural Canadian conference on Physician Health, this six-podcast series offers insights from physicians at various career stages into how to build resilient medical communities and enjoy a fulfilling medical career. (October 2009)

  1. Dr. Richard Gunderman speaks about Wellsprings of Resilience
  2. Dr. Sonja Boone speaks about Defining Resiliency — Bouncing Back
  3. Dr. Michael Kaufmann speaks about The powerful message of resilience
  4. Dr. Susan Edwards speaks about Enhancing the resiliency of our future physicians
  5. Dr. Jessica Hemmings-Guimond speaks about Residents & Resiliency
    — Staying the Course
  6. Mr. Ali Okhowat speaks about The resilient medical student

Series 4: Physicians as patients

Dr. Mamta Gautam speaks with physicians about their experiences dealing with difficult personal and professional challenges. (April 2009)

  1. Dr. Meredith Marks speaks about Coping with a serious medical illness
  2. Dr. Graeme Cunningham speaks about The dignity of recovery — supporting physicians with addictions

Series 5: Workplace Issues

This series addresses issues with respect to medical workplace health and wellness.  As Dr. Mamta Gautam states, “one can place a healthy, highly-functioning person in an unhealthy workplace, and they can soon become unhealthy”.  (April 2009)

  1. Dr. Graeme Cunningham speaks about Support vs. Punishment: the regulatory college and the ill physician

Special Feature

As a proud supporter of the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) CMA presents
Dr. Mamta Gautam’s WXN presentation
. Based on years of experience with physician patients, Dr. Gautam shares her insights with humour and compassion.