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Mamta Gautam, MD, MBA, FRCPC, CPDC, CCPE, CPE is an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consultant, certified coach, author and speaker.  Focused on Physician Health and Well-being since 1990, she is a pioneer in this field and is known as the “The Doctor’s Doctor”.  In the past 2 decades, she has expanded her work to include Physician Leadership Development to better address system-level factors that impact physician wellness. She has created podcasts and videos on Physician Health and Physician leadership, and authored articles, book chapters, and 2 international best-selling books. She brings this knowledge and expertise to PEAK MD, through which she delivers keynote presentations and leadership education, consults to healthcare organizations and coaches senior physician leaders internationally.  She is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards for her innovative work in physician health, and has been awarded Distinguished Fellowships in both the Canadian and American Psychiatric Associations.


Dr. Mamta Gautam is authored and contributed to a number of scientific articles. Click the drop downs to learn more.


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Dr. Mamta Gautam is a published author, having written two books of her own and contributed to several others. Click the drop downs to learn more.


The Tarzan Rule: Tips for a Healthy Life in Medicine, 2011 

Iron Doc: Practical Stress Management Tools for Physicians, 2008, 2011


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Mamta has published 50+ columns in The Medical Post and other publications. Click the dropdowns to read her columns.


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Medical Professionals

Having spent thirty years treating colleagues in her clinical practice and developing physician leaders, Dr. Gautam is known as the Doctors’ Doctor.  She uniquely and keenly understands physicians. She will help you maximize your leadership potential and build resiliency, so you can effectively manage challenges and become even stronger.


Dr. Gautam brings her expertise in treating physicians to all highly functioning professionals. In 2006, she was invited to work with the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation in Australia, launching their initiatives to highlight the need to recognize and assist lawyers and judges who struggle with stress, burnout, and depression.  Since this time, she has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and designed and delivered workshops in the areas of professionalism, leadership, mental health and resiliency, for numerous North American law firms and members of the legal profession.  She can help you and your firm learn more about ensuring their wellness and creating healthy workplaces.


Dr. Gautam brings her expertise in leadership and resilience to all highly functioning professionals.  She is on the faculty of several medical executive programs throughout Canada and the US, including executive MBA (Masters of Business Administration), MMM (Masters of Medical Management), and MHA (Masters of Health Administration) programs. Her areas of interest and expertise include topics in  leadership and resiliency, and she offers  in-class education and personalized coaching.

Woman Leaders

Dr. Gautam has thirty years of experience and expertise in working with women professionals, not to mention her own personal experience! She understands that women leaders have unique challenges, unique leadership styles, and unique paths to success.  She has served as the President of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada, and has been a key member of the Canadian Women in Medicine, Medical Women International Association, Women’s Executive Network, and the Women’s Business Network.  Her work to develop, mentor, support, and sponsor women leaders has been recognized by awards from the Women’s Executive Network, the Women’s Business Network and the Canadian Medical Association. She has designed and developed, and serves as the Medical Director of the highly rated 6-day Momentum: A leadership retreat for women in medicine. In 2019, she founded the non-profit network, the Canadian Think Tank for Women in Medicine, to promote women leaders in medicine.  She has successfully worked with women professionals in other professions, including allied health professions, law and business, to develop and optimize leadership skills.

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