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The Raft®

Loneliness seeps in for leaders.
I feel alone
With no one
To guide me.

Like otters,
My raft of women support me.
Wrap me gently in seaweed
Hold me
To keep me from floating away.
Keep me safe.
Nurture me, teach me, mentor me
Appreciate and honour me,
Believe in me
So I can be my best.

-Mamta Gautam, 2020

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PEAK MD LogoWeekly LIVE accredited leadership webinars

PEAK MD Logo74 hours/year = 74 CME hours/year

PEAK MD LogoThis event is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and approved by the University of Ottawa’s Office of Continuing Professional Development. You may claim a maximum of 74.00 hours (credits are automatically calculated).

PEAK MD LogoThis one-credit-per-hour Group Learning program meets the certification criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and has been certified by the University of Ottawa’s Office of Continuing Professional Development for up to 74.00 Mainpro+ credits.

PEAK MD LogoMonthly leadership training sessions:

PEAK MD LogoThe Masters: Learning from current women leaders in medicine

PEAK MD LogoThe Allies: Learning from our male colleagues who support and sponsor us

PEAK MD LogoLeadership Resilience: Maintaining our own health and wellness

PEAK MD LogoJournal Club: The Raft Leadership Journal Club highlights an article on leadership for discussion

PEAK MD LogoWeekly Peer Support

PEAK MD LogoBlogs weekly on leadership topics

PEAK MD LogoAMA – Ask Me Anything

PEAK MD LogoPodcasts on curated leadership topics

PEAK MD LogoMonthly Virtual Cocktail Party

PEAK MD LogoAn online community of women leaders in medicine

… And More!

*Discounted pricing for trainees in medicine.
Residents: $17/month or $170/year
Medical students: Complimentary access

The Raft® Learning Objectives

Overall learning objectives

  • Acquire and implement specific knowledge and skills in medical leadership, following the LEADS framework.
  • Define and integrate leadership lessons from senior medical leaders, both male and female.
  • Critique leadership research in a leadership journal club.
  • Apply the 5 C’s of leadership resilience to remain healthy as a leader.

Session learning objectives

  • Each session will have specific learning objectives focused on the topic each week.  Examples:
    • Introduction
    • Recognize the importance of Starting with Why
    • Explain our journey to date as women in medicine and leadership
    • Illustrate The Power of Connections
    • Introduce The Raft
    • Apply the framework around Personality (L of LEADS)
    • Defining Self-Awareness
    • Recognizing the medical personality
    • Understanding your own personality type: Impact on you, impact on others
    • Engaging Others (E of LEADS)
    • Recognize the importance of engaging others
    • Classify the 4 Subdomains 
    • Identify and Apply Models and Theories of Physician Engagement
    • Achieving Results (A of LEADS)
    • Define the Achieving Results domain in the LEADS framework
    • Formulate the need to execute and achieve results
    • Identify and apply strategies to close the Execution Gap
    • Develops Coalitions (D of LEADS)
    • Define the themes in the Developing Coalition domain of LEADS
    • Define what is a Coalition
    • Illustrate the advantages of a Coalition
    • Define and classify Customers vs Stakeholders
    • Systems Transformations (S of LEADS)
    • Define the themes in the Systems Transformation domain of LEADS
    • Formulate the concept of a Complex System in Complexity Theory
    • Discuss the potential of Failure and how to deal with it as we lead systems change
    • Leadership Styles (L)
    • Define emotional intelligence.
    • Recognize the value of emotional intelligence in a leader.
    • Identify your own personal leadership style, and the strengths and challenges it brings.
    • Developing Effective Teams (E)
    • Define a team 
    • Recognize what can lead to dysfunction in a team 
    • Explain and apply specific actions a leader can take to make a team function effectively
    • Giving Effective Feedback (A)
    • Define effective feedback
    • Know when and why to give feedback
    • Explain the benefits of feedback

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I can't make the weekly calls. Should I even bother joining?

YES! All calls are recorded and the recordings are available to (re)watch in our member library. We welcome your questions in our private member community, and will answer any questions we receive either in the group directly or on the call. There is a lot more value offered outside of the calls, including the blog.

I’m just starting out and a long way from a leadership position. Why would I want to join now?

All physicians are leaders. You can start your leadership journey at any stage of your medical career. The earlier the better! As a trainee, remember that medical institutions have designated “leadership” as a core medical competency. In Canada, the CanMEDS 2015 Physician Competency Framework defines the Leader Role as one of the seven key Roles that lead to optimal physician performance, care delivery and health care outcomes. Yet, these leadership skills are rarely taught and reinforced across the continuum of medical training. As a practicing physician, you will be leading within your team, in your office or in your clinic. As you gain more leadership experience, you will get more out of the content and discussion. The community is multigenerational, and has experienced leaders who will both gain from the content and conversations, as well as contribute to the learnings.

How are my monthly payments processed?

Monthly payments are accepted via credit or debit card only. Charges will run every month, on the day on which you signed up.

What if I need/want additional support?

Feel free to reach out confidentially at any time. PEAK MD offers a variety of programs and services, including Developmental Coaching, Just-in-Time Problem-Focused Coaching, and Preparation for Job Interviews, including CV and Interview Preparation. Just tell us what you need and we will point you in the right direction. If we can’t do it, we will help you find someone who can.

I’m not very technical. Can I do this?

Yes! The Raft® was designed to be easy to 1) access, 2) consume content and 3) interact with the community. If you know how to visit a web site (which I know you do since you’re here), you will have no trouble participating — and thus benefitting from the content!

I’m super busy. Can I do this?

Absolutely! While you are always invited to join our member calls live, all content is available to consume within our membership community when your schedule allows.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Simply put, no. There is no money-back guarantee and there is not a refund policy. You will have access to valuable content the moment you access the community, and it is your responsibility to dedicate time accordingly.

Does The Raft® require a contract or minimum commitment?

No.You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time. Simply email to cancel.