Member Testimonials.

Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words about my experience with The Raft. Although I have been in senior leadership positions over the years, my personality remains quite introverted, and like every female physician, I have a multitude of things on the go.

With that in mind, I was actually very reluctant to even consider joining the Raft. My “why” for joining the Raft is that, at some level I knew I needed more connections with other women professionals to continue to grow professionally and personally. Not only did I join, but I have stayed, and I arrange my week around attending the Wednesday and Thursday sessions even though the time changes for me due to where I live based on the season.

The sessions cover relevant topics in an easy, evidence-based manner and include didactic learning and follow up with small session discussion on that topic. I thought this might be intimidating but there are so many interesting women who contribute, that it is invigorating and not a pressure. The variety of topics is a great way to get to think about ideas from different perspectives, different specialties, challenge thinking, and learn about concerns and ideas across the country. The invited guests provide opportunities to connect with many incredible medical leaders that would otherwise remain at a distance.

As a result I have developed connections and feel that my circle of colleagues has expanded significantly. Mamta is kind, caring and provides a blend of mentorship and coaching to create a safe place to exchange ideas. To quote Dr. Gillian Kernaghan when asked about the Imposter syndrome, she commented that “everyone has it, seek out the voices that affirm you” – the Raft is a great place for that affirmation.

Marilyn Baetz, MD FRCPC CCPE

Vice-Dean Faculty Engagement, Professor of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

Almost 26 years ago, and almost accidentally, I took on my first leadership role. The role has grown and has been both difficult and rewarding. I cannot believe how little I knew about what I was doing when I started. I would never have thought of taking on clinical work with so little knowledge or skills, but somehow this was different.

Happily for young physician leaders today this has changed. And one of the most valuable of these is the RAFT, where friendship, mentorship, allies, learning and support are all available.

As I said to Mamta not long ago in an email, the gratitude journal that I keep nightly often has expression of gratitude for the Raft event, or blog or interaction that has occurred that day.

Becky Temple, M.D., CCFP, CCPE

Medical Director Northeast, Northern Health, Northeast Corporate Office

I wanted to make sure you knew just how much I have truly loved being part of the Raft this year. Serendipity is a funny thing. I signed up for another conference thinking that that would be where I would make some new connections but in the end, it was the door prize Raft membership that has really been so impactful and meaningful to me during this unpredictable year.

I will continue to try to protect my Wednesday nights as much as I possibly can!

Thank you again for all the hard work that you do.

Rhonda Zwingerman, MD

Medical Director, Twig Fertility